• Protection and popularization of the cultural heritage in the Republic of Macedonia (IX-XIX Century)
  • Presentation of the cultural heritage from the medieval and later period through appropriate forms and media
  • Reanimation of the traditional art techniques and authentic artistic expression
  • Promotion of methods of conservations from certain art techniques
  • Establishment of regional and international cooperation for coordination of the efforts of investigators and experts from different countries of the region
  • Improvement of the communication among the people of different national and religious profile, creators and users of culture, art and traditional values built in the cultural matrix of the Balkans’ region
  • Promotion of the consciousness for the significance of the cultural heritage for the historical and cultural identity of the different people and the region as a whole

The above-determined objectives will be realized through the following activities:

  • Analysis of the condition of the cultural heritage in the Republic of Macedonia through valorization as well as categorization of the monuments in order to determine their value and category, which will facilitate creation of priority list of the cultural monuments
  • Examination of the cultural heritage of the Republic of Macedonia from the Byzantine and Post-Byzantine epoch, Ottoman cultural milieu and XIXth Century
  • Analysis of the concrete problems of historical and artistic significance of the monuments and definition of the interventions of conservation and restoration for their protection as a continual process of active participation in the preservation of the permanent values of cultural heritage
  • Realization of regional research projects for illumination of the aspects of the mutual cultural and spiritual heritage, by means of inclusion of international experts from the Balkans’ territory
  • Establishment of relations with related centers and institutions directed towards coordination of standards for terminological compatibility of the categories of cultural heritage, as a contribution to the integration of undertaken investigations in the line with the contemporary trends of international historiography.
  • Organization of seminars and other educational forms for training and improvement of cadres from the field of historical and artistic disciplines and from the domain of preservation of cultural monuments aimed towards acquisition and upgrading of knowledge necessary for immediate preservation of the cultural heritage
  • Organization of workshops and schools for certain art techniques in authentic settings and cultural locations, giving practical and immediate contribution to improvement of the condition of cultural monuments
  • Promotion of cultural tourism as an immediate contribution to daily existence of cultural monuments and changing of relation of the population to its own cultural heritage, by its direct embedding into the culture of living
  • Digital and printed publishing for presentation of different cultural monuments, artistic schools and regional cultural patrimony, as well as popularization and affirmation of historical and artistic values of the monuments, which will contribute to enlargement of the fund of scientific, popular and educative editions on the cultural heritage from the Republic of Macedonia
  • scientific elaboration/ monographs and studies
  • publishing popular editions and prospects
  • production of educative publications

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