• Designing of an electronic catalogue “The Icons from Macedonian Collection”
  • Creation of a CD-rom dedicated to the historical and artistic significance of the Monastery of St. Jovan Bigorski
  • Organization of a round table dedicated to the systematization and standardization of terminological definitions of the cultural heritage
  • Organization of a conference “150 Years of the Monastery of Precista Kicevska”
  • Organization of a round table “Ottoman monuments and their place in the entire cultural heritage of Macedonia”
  • Research project “The Decorative Elements of the Monuments from Ottoman period in Macedonia”
  • Preparation of a project for the Monastery of Treskavec and the cultural climate of the Prilep region from the XIVth to the XIXth Century
  • Realization of a regional project “Medieval Balkans’ Zographs” encompassing the painters and artistic ateliers from Byzantine and Post-Byzantine period
  • Organization of a project: The Monastery of Zrze and the tradition of Prilep and Slepce carving school to be realized as a school for reanimation of the traditional techniques of carving
  • Preparation of a terminological dictionary on the cultural heritage in the Republic of Macedonia


Primary activity of the Data Base would be: creation, design, storage, classification and electronic distribution of information on the cultural monuments to all the interested users.
The Data Base would represent an informational center, equipped with contemporary computer technology, which will be operated by scientific, professional and technical staff. This Data Base will utilize the results of the investigations dealing with the preservation of the cultural heritage in the country.
On the ground of the knowledge collected by accomplishment of the activities of the Center, particularly scientific and research activity, informational packages will be prepared, which would be distributed immediately and electronically and would be approachable for all interested users (experts, investigators, institutions, students etc.)
An integral part of the activity of the Data Base will be the discothèque containing an abundance of scientific and popular material (printed material, diskettes, slides, video tapes, audio tapes, CD-roms etc.)

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